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Your family has the unique opportunity to capture the most precious family moments featuring the stunning landscapes that Las Vegas has to offer. Let me be the photographer to tell your story

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Las Vegas Family Photographer
Las Vegas Family Photographer
Las Vegas Family Photographer
Las Vegas Family Photographer
Las Vegas Family Photographer - Ree Captures

Our families grow up so fast. Don't let these memories slip away. Your mind can get blurry with time. Your photos will always be there as a reminder you of your most precious life moments

Ree Captures Las Vegas Desert Maternity Shoot


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My skill set is not limited to family, maternity, graduate, children and elopement photography. If you've got a special request, please contact me and ask!

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Get to know Maria of Ree Captures

I am a Las Vegas family photographer who can capture your story with artistry and authenticity. I am a mother of three boys and a professional photographer who specializes in lifestyle family, maternity and child portrait photography. Whether you are expecting a new baby, celebrating a milestone, or just want to document your journey, I can help you create unforgettable memories with your loved ones (and without). Characterized as Photographic storytelling, my shooting style and experience will guide using the tenets of fun and expressing your genuine love for one another while I capture organic moments.

As a mother to three beautiful children, I understand how precious and ephemeral every moment is with your family. I will help you encapsulate your journey through their first few days of life to when they become independent and eager to approach the world head-on. With the ability to remember young laughter, toothless smiles, dimply hands and unprompted hugs, your family portraits should embody who you are every moment, in your current phase of life.

Being a Las Vegas Family Photographer, I draw inspiration from the stunning desert landscapes of Las Vegas and have dedicated ten years to understanding how to use light, composition, and emotion to create beautiful works of art that you’ll cherish eternally. My vision for your family session is for you to be your authentic selves with your family. Don’t worry about posing and giving the “perfect smile”. Simply love on your babies. Snuggle them, squeeze them and play with them how you would at home and have fun! The best images are the ones where you are letting go and being present with your family.. I want you to remember how much you loved your moment! My only ask is that you show up ready to love on each other and swim in a pool of laughter. Authentically.

I will be your guide in the journey to creating unforgettable moments with your family. This craft is not focused on “manufacturing” the perfect picture, photography is about telling an elegant story and I would be honored to help tell yours.

Maria has had the pleasure of shooting the legendary Chris Nunez (Miami Ink, Inkmasters) on multiple occasions. 

You can find her on Instagram @ree_captures_, Facebook and at her website